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Hello, I'm a 21-year-old free software enthusiast. I'm currently a senior year student majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, I was introduced to GNU/Linux during the initial days by my college senior ravish since then was fascinated and motivated to try out GNU/Linux.I enrolled for the summer training by Dgplug, a local Linux user group in India.

During the initial days it was distro hopping and trying out WM's and later ravish me introduced to Software Freedom Camp organized by Free Software Community Of India where I learned about Debian Packaging by Pirate Praveen (a DD) who mentored and sponsored my packages and shortly I tried to package a few node modules after updating a few node packages to the new upstream. Thanks to Praveen's awesome mentoring

Ever since then, I have contributed to the ruby team, packaging dependencies of Gitlab. I got inspired by the effort that the community and developers take to maintain an entire OS voluntarily, I would also like to uphold this principle and volunteer for the Debian Community.

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