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I'm Blake. My first linux distro was Ubuntu 10.04. After getting comfortable with how Ubuntu works I wanted to try Debian. For me, Debian was the way.

I've always loved the ecosystem and preferred it to the other Operating Systems. I was a Linux Systems Engineer for many years. After some time in that position I began learning how to program. After understanding the basics, I had an Idea of how I would like the Apt package manager to display information, and then used that to create my first real program. That program is Nala and is a front end for apt using the python-apt api.

Once the program started to gain some traction and reaching a stable point, I was asked to add it into Debian. I wanted to make sure I did it right so I read through Debian's documentation and submitted it. I've also began working on a rust api called rust-apt that is similar in function to python-apt. Additionally I worked on the packaging for kwin-bismuth, a tiling window script for KDE and it was also accepted into Debian.

Future goals I have are to first rewrite Nala in the rust language. This is primarily why rust-apt was created, but it can be much more useful than for just Nala once it becomes stable. I would also like to work on an immutable Debian system that integrates well, and is easy for the end user. I have a couple of ideas for containerized packaging, natively using .debs. Without going into too much detail, basically my idea would allow you to run a Debian Stable system, but run some newer packages easily using a base of Sid, potentially. This is kind of duplicate work to Flatpak, so maybe not the highest priority.

My main area of focus at the moment is packaging, but I want to help improve Debian in any way I can. Time permitted of course. I have more Ideas than I have time for.

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