Victor Seva

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Short Biography

I discovered GNU/Linux on 1996 at Alicante's University. We were using some distribution at the labs. The first distribution I used on my PC was a Slackware and I suffered its A1, N1 ... install system but when I found Debian and its dpkg system I felt in love with it. It was magic!.

My first package was pwc [0] back on 2005. I bought a USB webcam and there were no drivers available on the repository. So I decided to contribute with something that I needed. Sean Finney (seanius) helped and It was great to be able to work together.

Then I bought a USB wlan adapter that needed linux-wlan-ng drivers. The package was in bad shape and I took over with the help of Enrico Tassi (gareuselesinge)

Since then I was collaborating on different areas always things that actually I was using or needed for the work I was doing at the time. That is why I'm on a number of team groups on Alioth.

So you can say that I was forced to contribute by the lack of good hardware support. :-P

Now seriously, I consider my self an advocate of Free Software and I really enjoy the spirit of collaboration and friendship that Debian has.

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