Amos Jeffries

Account nameyadi
OpenPGP fingerprint0229 B3C2 4CCE C254 127C 9532 00D8 6367 9420 BDD3
Status Debian Contributor on since 2017-01-30

Short Biography

I have been a happy Debian user and advocate since 2001 utilizing Debian sid on my own servers and helping out with bug fixes wherever possible.

For the past few years also a member (and upstream) of the pkg-squid team assisting maintain the squid packages while I learned the basics of Debian packaging and maintenance practices.

I have applied for DM at the suggestion of other team members in order to smooth the packaging process for squid as I am currently the most active and able to resolve serious issues quickly.

Personal history

New-style processes
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2017-01-30 2017-01-30 DM Amos Jeffries yadi Closed
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