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Short Biography

I am Zlatan Todoric, 26, currently living in Banja Luka. Last year as student of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechatronics. Probably best known to Debian folks for hanging around DebConf's and bringing large quantities of rakija :). I came to Debian and Free Software by accident - I was first year in my studies (2007) and had an XP machine which got "destroyed" by viruses meaning a month old work was destroyed. I was told about Linux and after few months hoping around I end up with using Debian since then. I was really surprised about OS but what made me choose Debian is the community dedicated to Freedom - after which I started to be more aware and became during the years an activist and Free software preacher (I held half of dozen of talks about Debian, installed it on many user machines, and started contributing back to project). I want to volunteer my time to it because Debian Project is my family and Debian people influenced so much my life that its a lot changed compared to years before Debian. I read GNU Manifesto and many other "Freedom" and I found in it a place for me, a home. For the part of my contributions: I maintain few packages, edited some parts of wiki in past, translated, help people on IRC. https://contributors.debian.org/contributor/zlatan-guest%40alioth

My primary areas of interest are python packaging and getting more into Debian infrastructure (dak, lintian, britney). I want to be able learn and hopefully make some nice integration tweaks or even a complete software. My goals are to make Debian as possible friendly for every user as it gets - like a finger tip away.

Although these are my primary interests, I want to work where help is needed (do not contribute currently but intend to help Free software equivalents to popular proprietary software and services such as Flash-replacement, Diaspora*, Mediagoblin).

Also I am open to be a life-long part of DebConfs so I am an all-round volunteer if the need arise. In addition to this I intend in future to held more Debian-related talks and booths.

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