Zygmunt Bazyli Krynicki

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Status Debian Maintainer since 2016-08-29

Short Biography

I got interested in Linux and free software while working on my first professional software project. Back then it was called FCQP (as in Free CQP, corpus query processor). This software is (now much improved) available under the GPL license as the Poliqarp search and query system (http://poliqarp.sourceforge.net)

In my further life I worked for several years on various Linux-based embedded devices (media players and phones). During this time I was always using and encouraging others to use Ubuntu.

In 2010 I decided to join Canonical where I've been working since. My free software work included working on Linaro's LAVA hardware provisioning and test execution system, Ubuntu's Checkbox hardware testing testing toolkit. I'm currently working on the snappy package system.

My goal as a Debian Maintainer is to co-maintain snapd, checkbox and some of my python libraries.

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