Ondřej Nový <ondrej.novy@gmail.com>

Applying for Debian Developer, uploading
Applicant Ondřej Nový <onovy@debian.org>, currently Debian Developer, uploading
OpenPGP fingerprint3D98 3C52 EB85 980C 46A5 6090 3573 1255 9D1E 064B
Activity timespan2016-06-04 to 2017-08-05
Status Closed. RT ticket: 6258.
Completed 2016-06-06
Advocate mattia
Application Manager enrico assigned by enrico on 2016-06-04
Debian account name onovy
Missing requirements none
Requirements ok Declaration of intent SC/DFSG/DMUP agreement Advocate Key consistency checks Application Manager report


Requirement Approved by Approved date Notes
Declaration of intent tytso 2016-06-04
SC/DFSG/DMUP agreement tbm 2016-06-04
Advocate zigo 2016-06-05 if possible, have more than 1 advocate
Key consistency checks enrico 2016-06-04
Application Manager report enrico 2016-06-05
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Date Author Requirement Action Content Public
2016-06-04 21:04 onovy - - Process created yes
2016-06-04 21:06 enrico - - Canceled the old-style process to start this one, Ondřej volunteered to help with testing. All mails in the old mailbox bounced to the new one. yes
2016-06-04 21:06 onovy Declaration of intent add_statement Added a signed statement yes
2016-06-04 21:07 onovy SC/DFSG/DMUP agreement add_statement Added a signed statement yes
2016-06-04 21:15 enrico Application Manager report assign_am Assigned AM enrico yes
2016-06-04 21:33 enrico Key consistency checks req_approve Approved yes
2016-06-04 22:19 tbm SC/DFSG/DMUP agreement req_approve Approved yes
2016-06-04 22:44 tytso Declaration of intent req_approve LGTM! (Question/comment about the web site; I assume that if the GPG signature had not checked out, the system would have automatically bounced statement, correct? BTW, this site looks really great! I love how it uses the SSO client certificate for authentication.) yes
2016-06-05 00:55 aviau Declaration of intent - LGTM! (test test hello!) If I Unapprove, can I correct myself and approve again yes
2016-06-05 11:43 mattia Advocate add_statement Added a signed statement yes
2016-06-05 14:38 zigo Advocate req_approve Hi. I've been working with Ondrej for a few months already, and he's taking care of his packages very well. At this moment, I very rarely have things to say on what he does, not more than I would do for a peer DD friend. So at this point, I think he's ready to get full upload rights. yes
2016-06-05 15:41 enrico Application Manager report add_statement Added a signed statement yes
2016-06-05 15:56 enrico Application Manager report req_approve Approved yes
2016-06-05 17:41 myon - proc_freeze Frozen for review yes
2016-06-05 17:54 myon - proc_approve Process approved yes
2016-06-06 13:26 noodles - done Added to DD keyring, RT #6258 yes
2016-06-06 13:26 noodles - done Added to DD keyring, RT #6258 yes
2017-08-05 22:07 enrico - proc_approve Process approved yes