Key consistency checks

This requirement looks incomplete.

This process has been closed by on 2016-12-31: no further modifications are possible.

Potential problems

Every Debian member needs a GPG key of sufficient strength. In addition, all keys should be certified so we can link them to a real-world identity.

The normal requirements are:

If the key does not meet these requirements, and you would struggle to create one which does, contact Front Desk.

This check will be approved manually by Front Desk as the application progresses.

Keycheck results

OpenPGP fingerprint 30A4 B1B5 AE15 EEF6 60C4 8196 BBB0 AEC7 36A8 B355
Main key ok (last updated: 2020-04-10 05:33 UTC)
UID Guillaume Bougard <gbougard,> ok, 0 non-DD sigs, 1 DD sigs:
  • D30DECD2599322FC: Roland Mas <>


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