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Application Manager report

For Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana <> to become DD, upl., an Application Manager has a look at all the information collected on this site, has a look to past contributions, asks a few questions if needed, and tries to build some trust that Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana should indeed be Debian Developer, uploading.

The applicant will be notified once an Application Manager is assigned who will contact them.

This requirement has been approved by Housekeeping Robot <> 8 months ago.

This process has been closed by noodles on 2019-01-20: no further modifications are possible.

Application Manager

AM Paused Assigned by Assigned time Unassigned by Unassigned time Actions
gwolf no noodles 2017-08-22 gwolf 2017-10-31
sunweaver no noodles 2018-02-05

Signed statements

Statement Uploaded by Upload date Actions
For, at 2019-01-17:

After looking at Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana
<>'s contributions and after exchanging some emails
to get to know them a bit better, I agree with the advocate(s) that Paulo
Henrique de Lima Santana <> can and should indeed
be a Debian Developer, uploading right now.

Paulo feels very safe in the P&P aspects of Debian. During the TS part,
we found several areas for him to improve. Paulo did well when getting
back to my questions and when diving into deeper discussions. With fields
that are new to Paulo, he proved well in being an open and curious

I reviewed quite a set of packages that Paulo prepared for upload and we
successfully completed several uploads to Debian unstable, some of them
also successfully made it through the NEW queue. One of Paulo's most
outstanding characteristic traits is that he is open to improving his
technical skills regarding Debian packaging and upstream interactions and
he is not afraid of asking for advice. He takes ideas of others into
consideration when proceeding with difficult tasks. Topics that he felt
insecure about during his NM process, will be filled with experience once
having been a DD for some time.

Paulo esp. showed very good communication skills when getting in touch
with other Debian teams, upstream maintainers, etc. In general, Paulo has
very good communication skills and appears friendly, polite and
to-the-point in written communication.

Last but not least, Paulo is involved in preparing next DebConf19 and
also involved in local Brazilian FLOSS activities. Paulo has a strong
stand for FLOSS and Debian. FLOSS permeates his whole being.

I look very much forward to having him as a co-developer in Debian
(hopefully very soon).
Signed with key 9BFB AEE8 6C0A A5FF BF22 0782 9AF4 6B30 2577 1B31
sunweaver 2019-01-17 [view raw]


Date Author Action Content Public
2019-01-17 19:26 req_approve New statement received, the requirement seems satisfied yes
2019-01-17 19:26 sunweaver add_statement Added a new statement yes
2018-02-05 17:48 noodles assign_am Assigned AM sunweaver yes
2017-10-31 16:36 gwolf - There has been no communication in close to two months; I told the applicant I don't want a lack of time to become a blocker for other NMs to be assigned to me. yes
2017-10-31 16:36 gwolf unassign_am Unassigned AM gwolf yes
2017-08-22 17:45 noodles assign_am Assigned AM gwolf yes