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Bradley Smith <> / Debian Developer, removed

Applicant Bradley Smith <> (currently Debian Developer, removed)
Applying for Debian Developer, removed
OpenPGP fingerprintNone
Activity timespan2017-09-01 to 2018-02-24
Status Closed. RT ticket: 7119.
Completed 2018-02-24
Debian account name bradsmith
Missing requirements none
Requirements ok Declaration of intent


Requirement Approved by Approved date Notes
Declaration of intent mattia 2018-02-03 statement of intent uploaded by mattia instead of the applicant
statement of intent not signed
(download all signed statements in a single mailbox file)


Date Author Requirement Action Content Public
2017-09-01 20:22 mattia - - Sent WAT ping email yes
2018-02-03 20:51 mattia Declaration of intent req_approve Requirement automatically satisfied yes
2018-02-03 20:51 mattia Declaration of intent add_statement Started remove process yes
2018-02-22 16:17 enrico - proc_freeze Process frozen for review yes
2018-02-22 16:18 enrico - proc_approve Process approved yes
2018-02-24 00:01 - done closed from dsa: inactive 2018-02-23 yes