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Declaration of intent

The most important requirement for changing status in Debian is to make sure that a person actually intends to.

This requirement has been approved by Housekeeping Robot <> 3 years, 6 months ago.

This process has been closed by on 2016-10-16: no further modifications are possible.

Signed statements

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I am currently working with debian-cloud since one year and half
producing debian cloud images for Vagrant, and I am with Antonio
Terceiro an in the process of moving this build process to the debian-cd team,
More about this here:

And here:

Being a debian developper would allow me for instance to sign cloud
images with a key in the debian developper keyring, and also allows me
to request access to debian build machines ( and exchange cheese and
wine with you folks more often but it's not the main topic )

If you want to know more about this, just pop in debian-cloud or ask !

PS: I helped some years with the debian games team for mame packaging, but the work I am doing now is not really package related, this is why I am asking for a non uploading account.
Signed with key F625 8DF2 BFF9 A73F 5B1E 15C3 0645 6DD7 91E9 5791
manu 2016-07-05 [view raw]


Date Author Action Content Public
2016-07-05 19:50 req_approve New statement received, the requirement seems satisfied yes
2016-07-05 19:50 manu add_statement Added a signed statement yes