Matthias Urlichs <>

Applying for Debian Developer, emeritus
Applicant Matthias Urlichs <>, currently Debian Developer, uploading
OpenPGP fingerprintAFD7 9782 F3BA EC02 0B28 A19F 72CF 8E5E 25B4 C293
Activity timespan2017-09-16 to 2017-09-16
Status Closed.
Completed 2017-09-16
Debian account name smurf
Missing requirements Declaration of intent
Requirements ok none


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Declaration of intent - -
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Date Author Requirement Action Content Public
2017-09-16 06:56 tobi - - Sent WAT ping email yes
2017-09-16 08:47 smurf - proc_close I'll soon upload (and maintain) knxd, as well as several Python packages related to my IoT efforts yes