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Rudy Godoy <> / Debian Developer, emeritus

Applicant Rudy Godoy <> (currently Debian Developer, uploading)
Applying for Debian Developer, emeritus
OpenPGP fingerprint5BEA 736E 0518 E297 ABF4 DBCE 05BC A9EA D562 EBBE
Activity timespan2017-09-16 to 2018-02-03
Status Collecting requirements.
Debian account name rudy
Missing requirements Declaration of intent
Requirements ok none


Requirement Approved by Approved date Notes
Declaration of intent - -
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Date Author Requirement Action Content Public
2017-09-16 11:02 tobi - - Sent WAT ping email yes
2017-10-30 08:21 noodles - - Rudy has sent an (unsigned) retirement mail to -private; it's been requested he follow up with a version signed by his removed key. yes
2018-02-03 19:07 tobi - - Sent WAT ping email yes