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This page collects statements of advocacy for Thomas Koch <> to become Debian Developer, uploading.

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See here for advocacy tips, and here for some more rationale.

Please be verbose if you can. You may want to write the advocacy in a proper text editor and paste it in the form when you are happy with it.

Note: An email with your advocacy message will be sent to the debian-newmaint public mailing list

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I know Thomas Koch <> since at least 2009. Already back
then he has been a strong advocate of free software and had a faible
for modern programming languages.

He's maintaining official Debian packages since at least January 2010
(according to minechangelogs) and is a DM since June 2010 (according
to the debian-keyring changelog). He's active in multiple teams and I
know at least of activity in the Emacsen and the Haskell teams, but he
also seems to be (or at least was) involved in the Java team. currently
shows 14 packages. I have reviewed and/or sponsored four of those,
partially multiple times: termit, simhash, unpaper, and xwrited. His
packaging work is conscientious and he knows what he's doing.

He attended already at least three DebConfs (I remember having spared
some time with him at DC11, DC13 and DC15) and people have starting to
expect that he is a DD already two years ago. (Overheard at the Debian
meetup in Zurich: "Huh, you're not a DD?").

At DebConf11, he came up with the idea of Skills Exchange sessions,
which seem to have become an integral part of DebConf since then.

So from my point of view, Thomas can be trusted to have full,
unsupervised, unrestricted upload permissions to the Debian
archive. I'm sure, he'll be an enrichment for Debian.

Note: The text above is an updated version of my advocay statement
from 2.5 years ago for Thomas Koch becoming a DD (uploading):

Everything I wrote back then with the exception of a few numbers and
dates still stands.
Signed with key 2517 B724 C5F6 CA99 5329 6E61 2FF9 CD59 6126 16B5
abe 2018-05-28 [view raw]


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