Declaration of intent

The most important requirement for changing status in Debian is to make sure that a person actually intends to.

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I would like to apply to change my status in Debian to Debian Developer, non-
uploading. I have worked on promoting software freedom and debian, and have 
contributed directly to Debian in a number of ways. Most recently I 
contributed by designing the Debian Copyright Aggregation Project as well as 
helping to set it up. In my involvement with the GNOME project, I have helped 
make sure Debian is promoted to the GNOME community along with other 
distributions and with the appropriate level of prominence. I also co-
organize Outreachy, which helps Debian outreach to women and other 
underrepresented people. Debian is an incredibly important project, and one 
I'd like to continue contributing to, either through my legal skills, 
promotion or through free software advocacy.
Signed with key 3C84 22AF 5EF0 EA21 DF34 2305 5F2B 9266 CCBE 0A4E
karen 2016-07-09 [view raw]


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