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Declaration of intent

The most important requirement for changing status in Debian is to make sure that a person actually intends to.

This requirement has been approved by Housekeeping Robot <> 1 year, 6 months ago.

This process has been closed by noodles on 2019-05-07: no further modifications are possible.

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For, at 2018-05-19:
I would like to apply to change my status in Debian to Debian Developer,

I became a DM on 24th of December 2017, so quite recently. Since then I
tried to increase my contribution to and within Debian:

 - I continued to maintain schleuder and the related packages and
   dependencies. Also, I spent quite some time to make schleuder build
   reproducible, and it seems we're there, finally. (Dear reproducible
   builds folks: Thanks for pushing this and for driving this
   initiative, highly appreciated!)
 - I introduced ruby-factory-bot in Debian, which was renamed by
   upstream from ruby-factory-girl, which was the former name.
 - I supported the Ruby team and especially helped with the migration to
   ruby 2.5, that is, uploading new upstream versions and fixing bugs
   along the way.
 - I did my first security fix to handle CVE-2018-8048, which addressed
   a potential cross-site scripting vulnerability caused by libxml2 >=
   2.9.2 in ruby-loofah. (I guess: "more fun to come" due to libxml2.
   Also: ruby-rails-html-sanitizer still needs to be fixed, it's on my
   ToDo, sorry for the delay.)
 - I packaged my first python application: mwic, "misspelled words in
   context", which helps with checking (technical) docs for typos etc.
   Still on my ToDo: anorack, which is a spell-checker that finds
   incorrect indefinite articles ("a" vs. "an").
 - I helped with the transport of the sound equipment, needed by the
   video team, {for,to} the MiniDebConf in Hamburg which currently takes
 - I joined the privacy maintainers team to package mat2, the successor
   of mat, which helps with removing metadata from files.
 - I'm {supporting,helping} a friend of mine to package trees,
   "technology for resting email encrypted storage", which adds
   NaCL-based individually encrypted email storage to the Dovecot IMAP
   server. I'm very happy that the initial upload will happen "soon".
 - I'm planing to go to next DebConf and I'm up to help out with network
   and/or server stuff over there. I already sent this offer to the
   DebConf mailing list, but no response, so far. In case people need
   help: Just tell me, I'm more than happy to.

Full disclosure: I need to search for sponsors quite regularly, and most
of the time they just review and upload the packages, without requesting
changes. I would like to do this on my own in the future, and I feel
that I'm ready to. Of course I still need to learn stuff, but as I said
already in my DM application process: I think learning is a contant
thing, and a good thing at the same time, which I try to engage in.

I'm in Hamburg currently and will go to Taiwan, so if people are
curious: Come speak to me! Very much looking forward..

Thanks to all the people who supported me in one way of another during
the last ~ three years, and to all the people I don't know yet.

Thanks for {creating,doing} Debian and please continue to do so. The
future is still unwritten.

and talk soon,
Signed with key E29D D0FB EC96 07D9 63BD AE0D 5AD7 5B41 4EA4 1667
georg 2018-05-19 [view raw]


Date Author Action Content Public
2018-05-19 16:46 req_approve New statement received, the requirement seems satisfied yes
2018-05-19 16:46 georg add_statement Added a new statement yes