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Key consistency checks

This requirement has been approved by Jonathan Wiltshire <> 10 months, 4 weeks ago.

Every Debian member needs a GPG key of sufficient strength. In addition, all keys should be certified so we can link them to a real-world identity.

The normal requirements are:

If the key does not meet these requirements, and you would struggle to create one which does, contact Front Desk.

This check will be approved manually by Front Desk as the application progresses.

Keycheck results

OpenPGP fingerprint E29D D0FB EC96 07D9 63BD AE0D 5AD7 5B41 4EA4 1667
Main key ok (last updated: 2019-04-12 21:42 UTC)
UID Georg Faerber <georg,> skip uid_revoked, 0 non-DD sigs, 0 DD sigs:
  • none
UID Georg Faerber <georg,> ok, 0 non-DD sigs, first 10 of 14 DD sigs:
  • 587979573442684E: Steve McIntyre <>
  • B8E5087766475AAF: Nicolas Dandrimont <>
  • E3E0A1C286B963EA: W. Martin Borgert (Debian) <>
  • C92949B8A63BB098: intrigeri <>
  • 39278DA8109E6244: Guilhem Moulin
  • B79A3C16A0C4F296: Dominik George (Natureshadow) <>
  • AF2283AA76E2AC7B: Hector Oron Martinez (zumbi) <>
  • 821AEE0FD167FBDF: Sergio Talens-Oliag <>
  • F823A2729883C97C: Lucas Kanashiro <>
  • F51B18C720248224: Apollon Oikonomopoulos <>


Date Author Action Content Public
2018-05-25 17:35 georg - I updated the key myself now; wasn't aware that this was possible. yes
2018-05-25 17:29 georg - I got some more signatures in the meantime; I guess these need to be pulled in manually. The key at keyring.d.o is current. yes
2018-05-25 17:17 jmw req_approve Requirement approved yes