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Declaration of intent

The most important requirement for changing status in Debian is to make sure that a person actually intends to.

This requirement has been approved by Housekeeping Robot <> 1 year, 3 months ago.

This process has been closed by mattia on 2019-12-30: no further modifications are possible.

Signed statements

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I would like to become a Debian Developer, uploading.  I have
been an official Debian Maintainer for over a year.  The impetus
for taking this step came to me when my usual package sponsor,
Matt Kraai, needed some personal time away from Debian this
summer as I was putting the finishing touches on three brand
new packages.

My main Debian activity has been providing updates to the GNU
unifont package, which I maintain for Debian and for the GNU
Project.  It was orphaned on Debian when I adopted it about
ten years ago.  I have also created three Debian packages from
scratch: unibetacode, utf8gen, and utfcheck.

I have volunteered at the Debian booth at the Southern California
Linux Expo (SCaLE) for the past several years, except for one
year when I had to go on travel for work.

Over the past year or so, I have submitted various Debian bug
reports.  Many of these have been patches for Debian documentation,
most notably for developers-reference, maint-guide, and debmake-doc.
For fontforge (which my unifont package depends upon), I wrote
missing man pages that have been adopted by Debian and upstream.

I also gave corrections to the pbuilder user's manual last year
to Matt Kraai, who was a pbuilder maintainer at the time [see].
Those changes were incorporated into the pbuilder 0.228.8 release.
I recently made some changes to the markdown package (for which Matt
Kraai has filed an RFA) although I do not use it or intend to adopt it.

In the future, I expect to continue submitting proofreading comments
for documents that I encounter during my Debian adventures, to continue
improving the Debian packages that I now maintain, to help contribute
new packages, and possibly to adopt other orphaned packages.

Thank you,

Paul Hardy
Signed with key 95D2 E9AB 8740 D804 6387 FD15 1A09 227B 1F43 5A33
unifoundry 2018-10-13 [view raw]


Date Author Action Content Public
2018-10-13 19:35 req_approve New statement received, the requirement seems satisfied yes
2018-10-13 19:35 unifoundry add_statement Added a new statement yes