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For December 24, 2018.

I know Andy since 2017 from his packaging work in the debian ocaml
team, and I have been sponsoring many of his uploads since then
(ocaml-sedlex, ocaml-rope, ocaml-qtest, ocaml-qcheck,
ocaml-migrate-parsetree, ...). In the beginning I had some remarks
about his packaging work (more suggestions for improvements than
actual errors), but now I find that his packages are impeccable.

Andy's packaging work is careful and thoughtful. I think he strives
for the best possible quality of his packages. For instance, he is
integrating autopkgtests in his packages even since before these tests
were used by testing migration, and he tests building his packages on
different architectures (very useful in case of ocaml since there are
different compilers on some architectures, like mips). He reacts
quickly and competently when there are bug reports against his

I think that Andy is ready to become an uploading dd.

- -Ralf.
Signed with key 0205 4829 E12D 0F2A 8E64 8E62 745C 4766 D4CA CDFF
treinen 2018-12-24 [view raw]


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