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Michael and Michael's work are important for Debian. This means
 - Workflow technologies
 - QA
 - writing about it
Michael is deeply embedded in the scientific Open Source
(algorithms _and_ data) world. Having him as a full member
of the Debian Society not only helps technically. It allows
him to better represent what Debian is about to externals
and to attract new users and contributors alike.
Signed with key 84C1 977A 89E7 EFED 3E5C A62E 2FD8 BEDA C020 EED1
moeller 2019-03-15 [view raw]
- From Olivier Sallou <>, at 2019-03-09
I believe that Michael R. Crusoe (key 724D609337113C710550D7473C26763F6C67E6E2) has the technical
skills needed to maintain Debian packages.
I support his application to become a Debian maintainer, because
he participated actively to DebianMed team in providing new packages and collaborated through
the DebianMed sprint in recent years.
Michael is someone serious and active in supporting open source software and collaboration.
Being a DM, he will be able to continue his work on the existing software he provided to Debian.

Signed with key 5FB4 6F83 D3B9 5204 6335 D26D 78DC 68DB 326D 8438
osallou 2019-03-09 [view raw]
I know Michael since the Debian Med sprint 2015 in St. Malo.  Since over one year he is one of the most active and competent members of the Debian Med team doing a heap of very good work not only regarding packaging but also gluing things together to create a consitent system for bioinformatics.  I have sponsored countless packages of Michael and fully trust him for his technical competence - time to let him walk alone as uploading DD. ;-)
Moreover I can confirm that Michael understood the principles of Debian and he is also fully in line with the kind and friendly behaviour that (most) Debian developers are showing (most of the time ;-)).  In short: Michael would enrich the Debian community as a DD and I fully support his application.
Signed with key F1F0 0732 0A03 5541 F0A6 63CA 578A 0494 D1C6 46D1
tille 2019-03-09 [view raw]


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