This page collects statements of advocacy for Nicolas Schier <> to become Debian Maintainer.

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See here for details about advocating someone to be a Debian Maintainer. You should be familiar with their existing work within Debian and believe it to be of a sufficient standard that they can be trusted with upload rights to the packages they maintain.

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Signed statements

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I support Nicolas Schier <>'s request to become Debian Maintainer.
I have sponsored uploads prepared by Nicolas Schier for moreutils since 2014, and
actually encoured him for at least the past two years to apply at least as a DM.
I'm very happy to see that he's finally willing to join the project in a more formal
way, and I would really like to see him join as a DD later on.

I have personally worked with Nicolas Schier <> (key 18ED52DBE34F860EE9FBC82B7D97093255A0CE7F) since 2014,
and I know Nicolas Schier can be trusted to have upload rights for their own packages, right now.  
Signed with key 7C07 17F9 FA2B 2B9D 788B 141B A6DC 24D9 DA24 93D1
hoexter 2019-04-02 [view raw]


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