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This page collects statements of advocacy for Clément Hermann <> to become Debian Developer, uploading.

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See here for advocacy tips, and here for some more rationale.

Please be verbose if you can. You may want to write the advocacy in a proper text editor and paste it in the form when you are happy with it.

Warning: upload rights have been requested, and Clément Hermann does not seem to be a DM. The general rule is that before applying as DD, you should have been a DM for about six months. You can still advocate Clément Hermann, just please take a moment to elaborate on this.

Note: An email with your advocacy message will be sent to the debian-newmaint public mailing list

This requirement has been approved by Housekeeping Robot <> 3 months ago.

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For, at 2019-07-21:

I support Clément Hermann <>'s request to become Debian
Developer, uploading.

Nodens is a member of the Debian Perl Team since 2015, and that's also the
year when I first met him (at DebConf in Heidelberg) and started to work
together with him. He has worked on a couple of individual packages since
then, and was active in team activities like organizing BoFs at DebConfs and
writing reports from Sprints.

Recently, i.e. at the Sprint last week, he spent lots of time on
cross-package QA work, analyzing an issue affecting many packages, drafting
a future team policy for the topic, and starting to fix affecting packages.

Nodens is in my experience a team player, knows when to ask, and is a fast
learner, e.g. of all the tools we have in the Perl Team and which can be a
quite overwhelming :)

Outside the Perl Team, Nodens was e.g. also active in the Alioth → Salsa
migration. which also shows his broad interest in and dedication to Debian.

I don't know his work in the Golang team but I hope someone from there can
tell their experience as well.

I have personally worked with Clément Hermann <> (key
06639AFAA76D6B480169708830E674676859C8AD), and I know he can be trusted to
be a full member of Debian, and have unsupervised, unrestricted upload
rights, right now.

Signed with key D1E1 316E 93A7 60A8 104D 85FA BB3A 6801 8649 AA06
gregoa 2019-07-21 [view raw]


Date Author Action Content Public
2019-07-21 23:57 req_approve New statement received, the requirement seems satisfied yes
2019-07-21 23:57 gregoa add_statement Added a new statement yes