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For Clément Hermann <> to become DD, upl., an Application Manager has a look at all the information collected on this site, has a look to past contributions, asks a few questions if needed, and tries to build some trust that Clément Hermann should indeed be Debian Developer, uploading.

The applicant will be notified once an Application Manager is assigned who will contact them.

This requirement has been approved by Housekeeping Robot <> 2 months, 2 weeks ago.

This process has been closed by johns on 2019-08-27: no further modifications are possible.

Application Manager

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gwolf no jmw 2019-07-25

Signed statements

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This might be unorthodox, so I'm spelling it out here: I was a
"non-advocate" for Clément¹ (this is, I said I would have advocated
him if I had done technical work in Debian with him). FrontDesk
assigned him to me during DebConf, so that the process would be
expedited, and suggested us to talk face-to-face regarding Clément's
technical work, and keep a mail registry only about the P&P parts,
which we did.


I completely stand by what I said. Clément is an active member of the
Go and Perl teams. He has also been part of the Tails distribution, a
privacy-oriented Debian derivative, for a long time.

He described to me the work he has been doing to get important
server/VM orchestration technologies (we prominently talked about lxd)
properly in Debian. He mentioned several "interesting" issues when
doing so.

I spent some time going through the bugs he has interacted with. He
very often provides either a full answer, or good technical insight in

So, without further ado, I completely agree and subscribe that Clément
Hermann <> can and should indeed be a Debian
Developer, uploading, right now.
Signed with key AB41 C1C6 8AFD 668C A045 EBF8 673A 03E4 C1DB 921F
gwolf 2019-08-06 [view raw]


Date Author Action Content Public
2019-08-06 18:54 req_approve New statement received, the requirement seems satisfied yes
2019-08-06 18:54 gwolf add_statement Added a new statement yes
2019-07-25 13:46 jmw assign_am Assigned AM gwolf yes