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The most important requirement for changing status in Debian is to make sure that a person actually intends to.

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For, at 2019-12-18:

I would like to apply to change my status in Debian from from Debian Maintainer
(with guest account) to Debian Developer, uploading.

I became DM about 1.5 years ago and my involvement within Debian grew quite a
lot since then. I do most of my packaging work in teams (rust, fonts, go), plus
I maintain a few packages in the namespace. Some of them are
rather popular. I make an effort to get reproducible builds and to implement
autopkgtests when possible.

At this point I feel ready to apply to become full DD. This will allow me to
contribute more efficiently; I always managed to find sponsors for my uploads,
but I think that removing that bit of friction will allow me to achieve more in
less time. Even as a DD I won't be shy in asking people to review my work;
quite the contrary, I strongly believe in peer reviewing our work.

But being able to upload is not the only reason for me to apply. I'd like to
feel fully part of the project, for example I'm sorry for not being able to
vote at the current GR. Being a DD will also allow me to do some QA work on
packages I don't maintain and I don't plan to adopt but that need fixing.
Easier access to the porter boxes will also be a great plus of being a DD.
Last but not least, I'd like to be able to mentor new package maintainers,
possibly sponsoring their uploads, a great way to give back to this excellent

Paride Legovini
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