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Dear Debian Front Desk/,

I support Richard Laager <>'s request to become Debian
Developer, uploading.

Richard and I have worked together on the gbonds package since March of
2007, the up-imapproxy package since December of 2016, and most recently
(and more intensively) on the ntpsec package since February of 2018.
For these packages, Richard has handled basically 100% of the packaging
and BTS/triage work, while I have acted as sponsor and we have conferred
on questions and approaches to maintaining software.  I am confident in
Richard's capabilities, skills as a developer, and commitment to Debian
and Free Software.

I have collaborated with Richard Laager <> (key
D4EB7D94E78E4EE8ECE07F94F8796199C04586CE) for almost 13 years, and I
know Richard Laager can be trusted to be a full member of Debian, and
have unsupervised, unrestricted upload rights, right now.

Note that the text above is quite similar to my advocacy statement for
Richard's DM application last year [1].  Nothing has changed in my
estimation of Richard's capabilities since that time.  I am glad to see
this application move forward.  Please feel free to reach out to me if I
can help further with the process.

Best regards,
tony mancill <>

Signed with key E50A FD55 ADD2 7AAB 9716 3A8B 21D2 0589 974B 3E96
tmancill 2020-02-04 [view raw]


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