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Jan-Pascal van Best <> / Debian Developer, uploading

Applicant Jan-Pascal van Best <> (currently Debian Contributor)
Applying for Debian Developer, uploading
OpenPGP fingerprint566A 0E6B F957 F440 32BF 2DBA F830 7A6E D690 AC06
Activity timespan2016-08-14 to 2016-08-15
Status Closed.
Completed 2016-08-30
Advocates none yet
Debian account name janpascal
Missing requirements Declaration of intent, SC/DFSG/DMUP agreement, Advocate, Application Manager report
Requirements ok Key consistency checks


Requirement Approved by Approved date Notes
Declaration of intent - -
SC/DFSG/DMUP agreement - -
Advocate - -
Key consistency checks jmw 2016-08-15
Application Manager report - -
(download all signed statements in a single mailbox file)


Date Author Requirement Action Content Public
2016-08-14 21:20 janpascal - - Process created yes
2016-08-15 14:27 jmw Key consistency checks req_approve Approved yes