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Debian New Member - Join the NM process

If you already have an entry in the system

You should already have an entry in the system if you are a DD, a DM, or have a guest account on Debian machines.

You can check here: if you find your own page, send its link to your advocate(s). They can then:

  1. login;
  2. click on "advocate for DD" on the top right of the page;
  3. follow the simple instructions.

If you do not have an entry in the system

Have you checked here? If you already have an entry, see above. Otherwise, keep going; the form is quite long, so you may want to read it all from top to bottom before starting to fill it in.

Note that after you submit the form, you will have 3 days to visit a URL that you will receive encrypted in an email. You want to make sure that you can read encrypted email before spending time on this form.

Ground rules

First thing first, if you contribute to Debian, everyone will assume that you have read the Debian Social Contract (SC) and the Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG) and agree with them. If you have not read them yet, please take a moment to do so now.

Do you agree to uphold the Social Contract and the DFSG in your Debian work?

If you contribute to Debian, you will also sooner or later get access to Debian hardware or infrastructure. When that happens, everyone will assume that you have read the Debian Machine Usage Policies (DMUP) and accept them.

Do you accept to follow the Debian Machine Usage Policies (DMUP) when you use Debian resources?

OpenPGP key

Most Debian work is not anonymous, and requires the use of an OpenPGP key. We require the key to be signed by two or more Debian Developers to make reasonably sure that you are who you claim to be. This is called "web of trust". If you are curious, you can check the status of your key in the global web of trust here.

We also have some requirements on the key itself: it needs to be version 4 or later, it must not use DSA and it should be at least 4096 bits long (2048 bits are ok but you may be asked why not 4096). Please enter the fingerprint of your OpenPGP key in the "OpenPGP key fingerprint" field below, press "Check" and I will check it for you now while you keep reading the page. For your convenience, I will also try to autofill many fields in this page based on the first User ID in your key.


I need to collect data that may eventually feed the Debian LDAP user directory, which follows RFC-2798. It uses a first/middle/last name model which does not fit many cultures well; it is a known problem, but we will have to make do for now.

(if any)
(if any)

Email address

I need an email to contact you. If you will eventually get an address, it will initially forward to this email. You can change this at any time later.

User name

Please select a username. You will need this if you are requesting a guest account on Debian machines, or if you are going to become a Debian Developer. This is not needed for Debian Maintainers, but if you want, you can reserve one now.

If you choose a username that is already in use, I will let you know once you submit the form and you will be able to change it. In the meantime, you can check here to see what usernames are already taken.

Account names should have three or more letters, unless you have a really good reasons why it should be shorter. Debian Account Managers may arbitrarily refuse some usernames (like "root" or "enricoisasillyperson"), and get in touch asking you to please choose another one.

Short presentation

Finally, please tell something about yourself, how you came to Debian and Free Software, and why you want to volunteer your time. Please describe the contributions you have made to Debian, your primary areas of interest and any goals you wish to accomplish.

The intention is to use this to introduce you publicly to the rest of the project: it will be shown on your personal page on and posted to the debian-newmaint mailing list, which is publicly archived.


You can now submit the form, and you will get an email with a link to visit to confirm your data. The link will be encrypted with your GPG key. Once you have confirmed, other Debian Developers can go to your personal page and advocate you for what you require.