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Application status for Arturo Borrero González

Personal information

ApplicantArturo Borrero González <>
Received application2016-04-07
Time of Last Action2016-09-12
Advocates myon, vcheng
Account namearturo
OpenPGP fingerprint DD98 61AB 23DC 3333 892E 07A9 68E7 1398 1D15 15F8
  • SC/DFSG/DMUP agreement:
ProcessDebian Maintainer → Debian Developer, uploading
Account createdyes

Process log

Date Changed by Progress
2016-04-07 vcheng Received enough advocacies
2016-05-25 enrico Activity poll sent
2016-05-26 enrico Advocacies have been approved
2016-05-27 enrico Waiting for AM to confirm
2016-05-27 paultag Interacting with an AM
2016-08-28 paultag AM approved
2016-09-08 madamezou FD approved
2016-09-12 jmw DAM approved

Further Steps

done Applicant asked to enter the process
done Applicant replied to initial mail
done Received enough advocacies
done Activity poll sent
done Advocacies have been approved
done Waiting for AM to confirm
done Interacting with an AM
done AM approved
done FD approved
done DAM approved
current Completed