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Short Biography

My name is Dariusz Dwornikowski, I am 32, I live in Poznań, Poland. I work at Poznań University of Technology, in the Institute of Computing Science. I am in the process of finishing my PHD in theoretical computer science, concerning formal modelling and verification of RESTful and ROA systems with the use of process algebras. My responsibilities at the University also concern teaching students the following courses: computer networks, computer networks II, and management of computer networks. Additionally, I am also responsible for maintaining and managing our OpenStack Ubuntu based cluster, used for internal projects and for students. I am also an upstream of pyPEPA Python software for PEPA process algebra. I try to contribute to other projects, mainly through pull requests and patches created while performing Debian packaging tasks. My Uni webpage can be seen here [1].

Before working at the University I worked for different companies as an independent contractor (self-employed). The most prominent jobs I had was being a VoIP engineer, where I co-designed and co-created first two major SIP-based VoIP platforms for polish VoIP services providers. I also provided collocation and server administration services under my own brand. In these two jobs is where I really got to know Debian's internals, and started creating packages just for my own purposes, you can see my full professional profile here [2].

I have been using Linux personally and professionally for about 13 years, I have used many different distributions in the past for my personal computers but for servers I always stuck with Debian, due to its stability and quality. I have always wanted to be a valuable part of Debian project but never could fine time, and people who could assist me into getting into contributing. Then I met Tomasz Buchert and Laszlo Kajan from Debian Poznań Group, who helped me start with official packaging tasks, and successfully go through the DM procedure. Now I would like to volunteer my spare time, I have plenty working at the University, to give back to the Debian community.

Uptil now, my main contributions is maintaining about 14 packages [3]. What is love about packaging is that it is a very relaxing job, and every package creates some new challenges. I also try to contribute back to upstream by doing pull requests and sending patches. Currently I am working on introducing profanity.im XMPP client to Debian, where I work very closely with the upstream on making the software suitable for Debian. I am also a part of Debian Games team, where I try to focus on games that are orphaned. Back in May I co-organized PIWO conference, where I also gave a talk on contributing to Debian (in PL).

As a DD I would like to keep on packaging, especially focusing on orphaned packages (games and networking). I would like to introduce some major SDN (Software Defined Networking) software to Debian like mininet, POX, NOX, etc. I would also like to devote a significant amount of my time for mentoring and sponsoring, because I think this is the are of improvement when it comes to luring new people to the project. I would also like to keep popularizing Debian at my University, where I have constant access to students.

[1] http://www.cs.put.poznan.pl/ddwornikowski/ [2] pl.linkedin.com/in/darekd/ [3] https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=dariusz.dwornikowski%40cs.put.poznan.pl

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