Giovani Augusto Ferreira

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Short Biography

My name is Giovani Augusto Ferreira. I'm 31 years old, living in Poço Fundo, Brazil. I am a teacher in a High School course in my town.

I'm a GNU Systems user since 2002, and a Debian user since 2007. I started to contribute with free software since 2009, acting in Brazilian Free Software Movement as speaker and organizate event each FLISoL, Debian Day and others. In 2015 and 2016 I colaborate to realize Mini Debconf's in Brazil, at FISL and Latinoware.

I joined to contribute with Debian packaging in 2015. My first sponsored package was uploaded in Jun 2015, and I've been a Debian Maintainer since Fev 2016. So far, I've mostly packaged some packages related to forensics, I contribute to Debian Forensics Team since Oct 2015.

Going forward, packaging more Forensics software, realizing events always disseminating Debian for all.

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