Sandro Knauß

Account namehefee
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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2016-10-09

Short Biography

I have started with debian about 7 years ago as "normal" user. Than I made the "mistake" to ask why owncloud-client is not inside debian. This was the start for me to start packaging on my own. It was not left with this package, now I have several packages mantaining in teams [1]. So at the moment I mostly active in debian as simple mantainer. But at a kde meeting I meet Vincent Pinon to package his first package, but unfortunatelly I can't sponser him, 'cause I'm not a DD yet.

Outside debian I'm working for kolab on KDE especially KDEPim (kontact). I care mostly about the cryptos support in kdepim and telepathy, because I use them daily. Btw. Kolab is upstream for roundcubemail, libkolab(xml), too.

If we look outside the computer world, I'm a cook, gardener, tree hugger, climber, beer drinker and a activist.

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