Hilmar Preusse

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Short Biography

My active part in Debian started in the beginning of 2003 by joining the debian-tetex maintainers mailing list, just to find out that it was rather inactive and some helping hands were needed. I started working on the packages, IIRC by contributing patches; I wasn't familiar with svn at that time. Later Norbert Preining packaged TeX Live and we moved over to the debian-tex ML. After Norbert is not part of the Debian project any more, I'm the only active member of the "Debian TeX Task Force". In 2019 I became Debian Maintainer, therefore currently we still have actively uploaded/maintained TeX Live packages in Debian. In 2016 I became part of the proftp mainling list and I do care of the proftpd package +packaged modules. Sometimes frankie helps me, but mostly I work by myself. Further I have some small packages under maintenance which are nearly all somewhat related to TeX.

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