James Lu

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Short Biography

Hi everyone! I'm James. I'm currently an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia, as well as a hobbyist software developer and sysadmin.

My interest in FOSS first came about in ~2013 through IRC bots and servers, later shifting to the operating system stack (Linux) that these programs tended to favor. Originally a Windows user, I've since switched my desktop to Debian, running Linux full-time now on both my personal machines and servers. My reasons for volunteering in Debian are akin to why I made my own switch: championing a freedom to tinker as well as personal privacy.

In Debian specifically, I've been a contributor since 2015. Right now, I work on on a handful of packages including variety, exe-thumbnailer, and lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings. For the first two projects, I have also assisted upstream with (co-)maintenance and extensive bug triaging.

My main packaging focus so far has been on desktop programs; my goals going forward are to continue polishing and developing Debian's collection of them, and consider bringing other interesting projects to the Debian ecosystem.

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