Lucas Kanashiro

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Short Biography

I started in Free Software world during my undergraduate, when I started to send my first patches. Before finished my undergraduate I participated of Google Summer of Code twice in Debian Project. The first time I worked on debci (Debian continuous integration system), where I sent some patches for some packages that were failing on continuous integration. The second time I worked on debile (a smart build system, where we make some static analysis on source code and build packages with different compilers), adding new static analyzers tools as plugins and fixing some issues.

During this experience provided by GSoC I had the opportunity to attend some conferences related to Debian, like the last two DebConf, where I could interact with the community and learn a lot of things about Debian. I started to package some softwares and joined the Perl team where is most of my work for Debian until now. I helped Perl team to update some packages with new upstream releases and mark packages as autopkgtest-able. I started to work on PET (Package Entropy Tracker), we want to allow PET to watch packages that are not marked as autopkgtest-able.

I intend to continue my work as a member of Perl team and help to maintain some Debian tools, such as PET. I love volunteer my time in Debian because every day I learn a different thing and interact with amazing people.

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