Salvo Tomaselli

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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2023-10-25

Short Biography

I was born only once, so far. That happened in Italy. I moved to Sweden for my studies and found a job there.

I started to learn programming at 9. I found out about free software when I was a teenager, and I liked the idea!

Since then all my non-work projects have been released under copyleft licenses. That's because I don't think I would get any advantage releasing anything under a MIT-like license without compensation. I get advantages if the software remains open (or I get paid).

I mostly code in python, C and C++, but I think python's easier :)

I own a pinephone, and I hope one day its successor will be a viable phone.

I like to play music, I mostly play bass and I enjoy socially jamming with different people. Although playing with public does add some thrill to the activity.

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