Marius Gripsgard

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Short Biography

I'm a 25 old person that live in Bergen Norway, I started gaining a interest in GNU/Linux and FOSS ca 2012 when i was just ca 14 year old, I started out by installing back then Ubuntu on my computer and has since then been using gnu/linux ever since. With this came a lot of experimenting with different distros and jumping around them when a got a bit older i started programming and created all sorts of programs and scripts, but i ended up with a local programming job but i quickly after in ca 2015 became a Ubuntu member and contributor and invested much of my time in the Ubuntu touch project (ubuntu for mobile phones), I eventually ended up doing porting of new phones to be able to run Ubuntu touch and created the UBports project. Time went and canonical dropped the project in 2017, and i then decided that i did not want to stop the amazing project the UBports team then decided to take over the project where it has been since then. See [0] from more about UBports.

One of the core components of UBports is Lomiri (old unity8) A desktop environment that can run on phones to desktop while adapting to the different screen using the same codebase, we call this "convergence"

And we wanted to bring into debian and create a great desktop environment that both can run on phones and desktop there is where my interest really grew for debian and i wanted to contribute more of my time to debian. I have since worked a lot with Mike Gabriel (DD) to upload all the components for Lomiri (the desktop environment that ubuntu touch uses) I applied for DM and has been a DM for about a year now. I have uploaded countless packages under the ubports team umbrella but i have also uploaded for qt/kde team and recently started helping out in the x strike force team, here i maintain wayland-utils and have updated some of the x/wayland libraries. (some you probably use now :) )

I mostly program in c++, c, and qt.

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