Maytham Alsudany

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Status Debian Maintainer since 2024-05-03

Short Biography

I started using Debian from a very young age, and found it to be a very useful general-purpose distribution. I used to run Debian on old i386 machines, but now I daily drive Debian on my laptop and on a few homelab servers. I began to contribute to Debian because there were a lot of apps that still hadn't been packaged for Debian, even though they were popular and gaining traction. My first contribution was the adoption of the kitty package with Nilesh Patra.

Currently, I maintain a few dozen packages within the Go(lang) team, a few in the Rust team, and some bits and pieces for Wayland. At the time of writing, DDPO lists 46 packages, 7 in NEW, and 15 WNPP bugs (up to date DDPO at I have somehow achieved this without having any rights to the archive, thanks to the many considerate DDs that have kindly sponsored my various packages. They include Nilesh Patra, Dr. Tobias Quathamer, Simon Josefsson, Gürkan Myczko, James Valleroy, Sylvestre Ledru, and Matthias Geiger (who is not a DD (yet) but has reviewed some of my Rust and Wayland-related packages and found sponsors for them).

I'm also working on improving the DDTP, and have started working on improving Arabic localisation throughout Debian (slowly).

The work I am most proud of:

  • kitty

  • miniflux

  • gtklock

  • tea-cli

  • nwg-bar (waiting in NEW as of writing)

  • Helping Gürkan (tar) with packaging Golang dependency trees for invidtui and cam2ip

  • numbat & friends

  • swayosd & friends

  • WIP on adding SSO to the DDTP

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