Andrius Merkys

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Short Biography

I have been studying and working in the fields of bioinformatics, computer science, computational chemistry and crystallography since 2010. From the beginning of my career I have been using Debian/Ubuntu OSes, working with and developing F/LOSS. I enjoy a lot the idea of Debian being the creation of users/developers, driven by the desire of mutual benefit.

As a user of some pieces of scientific F/LOSS, I am following their development, trying to keep track the dependencies and from time to time performing searches for novel software. I have knowledge on Perl, Python, C and Java language, had some experience in code packaging with ExtUtils (Perl), setuptools (Python) and maven. In Debian I have contributed to a few packages in the field of computational chemistry: openbabel, mmdb, vecmath, voronota, spglib and cod-tools.

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