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Pierre-Elliott Bécue

Account namepeb
OpenPGP fingerprint9AE0 4D98 6400 E3B6 7528 F493 0D44 2664 1949 74E2
StatusDebian Developer, uploading since 2018-09-19
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Short Biography

My name is Pierre-Elliott, I'm a PhD student in applied mathematics, and I'm a former student of ENS Cachan (France).

I came to Debian and Free Software in the late of 2010, when I started contributing to Cachan Réseaux À Normale Sup' (Crans), a French association that provides Internet access and many services on the campus of the previously said school.

In this association I learned most of my sysadmin skills and I worked my developer abilities. I also learned the rough basics of packaging into Debian, at first with backporting, and later with python packaging.

What am I doing into debian:

  • Maintaining mailman3 suite.
  • Intending to become DD
  • Maintaining Python/CPP stuff
  • Working on the tracker
  • Studying the installer

I hope at some point to contribute also to other fields of activity into debian, as system administration and ftpmasters. But that'll be another story.

Last but not least, I'd like (and I'd have already started if my budget had been more compliant) to participate in the organization of debian social events like debconf.

Personal history

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2018-05-31 2018-09-19 DD, upl. Pierre-Elliott Bécue peb Closed onovy
2017-11-10 2017-11-22 DM Pierre-Elliott Bécue peb Closed
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