Raju Nirmala Devidas

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Short Biography

I started using Debian from the Days of Wheezy.

I contribute to various opensource projects in different ways as a coder, packager, or by talking about them at different conferences and workshops.

The projects I contribute to includes Debian, Hamara Linux and many others.

I also talk and contribute to a lot of other projects such as NextCloud, sailfishOS, etc. in varios roles.

Has been active around in the Debian India community involved in various roles such as helping organize Mini Debian conferences in some Indian Cities, organizing various Debian related talks, workshops, release parties etc.

I also have interest in Robotics and have participated in competitions such as Robocon as a student. Because of this I have significant expertise with Arduino and different micro controller boards as well as different Single Board Computers

I mostly work with Shell scripting and C/C++ and sometimes HTML/CSS. These Days I am also learning Python, Golang and Rust.

I also do some software packaging, and I am part of the JavaScript, Ruby & Golang Teams. I am also part of the Debian Derivatives team and a co-mentor for the Derivatives Project in the Outreachy Internships currently.

My technical contributions to Debian could be seen on the links such as [1] QA Page [2] Debian portfolio

Debian Community and Eco System has highly influenced my life in personal and professional roles.

I discovered Debian because of Pirate Praveen a Debian Developer himself and a long time contributor to Debian. He introduced me to the various technical internals of Debian Project. I not only got introduced to Debian but open source in general through him.

This year I attended my first DebConf in Taiwan, and it was an awesome experience to see and interact in real with all the Debian people I admire a lot. At DebConf I got a better understanding of the project technically and socially by meeting the various DD's/DM's and a lot of contributors.

I want to keep contributing to Debian as it has now become an integral part of my social, professional and personal life. I want to give back to the community what I have gained over these years, and help more people discover the awesomeness of the Debian project.

[1] https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=rajudev@disroot.org

[2] https://portfolio.debian.net/result?email=rajudev@disroot.org

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