Rebecca Natalie Palmer

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Short Biography

I became a free software contributor (of more than bug reports and occasional comments) in 2013, when I noticed that something I was considering using in a solo project had missed a release of Debian for lack of maintenance. This didn't matter for my own planned use, but I decided to help get it back into Testing anyway. As well as fixing its own bugs, I tried to speed up the messy transition it was caught in, by tracking down and posting fixes for several transition-blocking bugs in packages I'd never heard of before. This turned out to be the point at which I almost completely switched from solitary hobby programming to contributing.

My skills are at the mathematical end of programming, including physics simulation and statistics, both as a game and as a serious tool. I am currently active in the OpenCL and Science teams, and a mostly-inactive upstream developer of FlightGear. I have also noticed and patched several security bugs, but generally don't deliberately go looking for them. I primarily use C/C++, Python, and (at work) C#, but can and do make small fixes in almost any language.

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