Ross Gammon

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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2017-08-01

Short Biography

I started using Debian around 2010 when I moved to Denmark. I also flirted with Fedora, Ubuntu and Sabayon. These days I run Debian, Raspian, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, and Ubuntu Server on different machines. In October 2013, I began maintaining the Gramps package with sponsorship from Andreas Tille, and later IOhannes m zmölnig. In November 2014, I became a Debian Maintainer, and since then I have joined the Debian GIS, Debian Multimedia, Debian Javascript, and Debian Python Modules Teams. I am most active in the Debian Javascript Team and the Debian Multimedia Team. When I need to upload a NEW package, Gianfranco Costamagna has been my regular sponsor, although there have been quite a few others.

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