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Hello, I'm Sahil, going by the username of @sahilister (including salsa and IRC) on most places on the internet. I was a community person since a very long time and was open source enthusiast. Back in 2018, I switched to Linux distributions (on Pop OS) full time and in 2020, it borked on upgrade to 20. That was when I switched to Ubuntu, which also borked. So that was when I tried Debian, and simply loved the simplicity of stuff. No gimmicky stuff, no privacy concerns. Just software, by the community. Few months into running Debian when I got to know about DebConf20 happening. I was excited to know the folks running the show, so registered. That being online helped. A day or two before the DebConf, video teams call for volunteer came. I after much thinking, went ahead and registered for it. Did multiple talk meister and talk direction and came on top volunteers for that year in end notes. Since then have been volunteering for the video teams in DebConf as TM and TD for MiniDebConf20 gaming edition, MiniDebConf India 2021 and DebConf22. In the process, got to know about Debian India team and since handling the publicity part of it. For the Debian India team, helped organize the MiniDebConf Online India 2021 and in-person MiniDebConf Palakkad (India) 2022, which is happening while I write this. Couldn't make it to my first in-person DebConf, DC Kosovo this year due to work commitments. In most of these conferences, also presented various talks and organizationing various BoFs in English and Hindi (my native language). Right now, part of DebConf23, Kochi organization team working in sponsorship team to get sponsors. Working with the community helped me understand the free software philosophy which turned me from a open source person to free software person.

In terms of technical part, been helping maintain infra of Debian Fasttrack repos and maintain one package - fasttrack-archive-keyring. Right now working on setup onion site for fasttrack project. I plan to get more actively involved in packaging aspect in coming times.

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