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Samuel Henrique

Account namesamueloph
OpenPGP fingerprintC480 A21B 5A8E 0276 EB6C 5B6E 5989 5E44 B169 626D
StatusDebian Maintainer since 2016-09-12

Short Biography

Started using Debian on college, since 2010, participating on the local user group since 2013 and recently (2016) working on packaging, i'm a computer engineering student.

I have made contributions on the Brazilian Debian community by doing install fests, talks at events/conferences, and helping new users on forums, my involvement with Debian dates 6 years now and i'm not planning to stop it.

My plans are to become a DD and broaden my contributions to the project.

I'm currently working on the pkg-security team, while maintaining some other packages alone and participatign on the forensics team (although i did not do much on the forensics team yet).

My areas of interest are pentest, network, packaging and sysadmin, but i'm into anything from the computing world.

The work i already did on Debian consisted mainly of maintenance of some packages (including adding NEW packages), which i have acquired some pretty good experience with "side-quests" like making Ubuntu sync the packages i maintain, fixing bugs upstream, dealing with git (DEP-14), and interacting with another members of the project/team.

Personal history

Started Last Target Applicant UID Status AM
2017-11-30 2018-04-16 DD, upl. Samuel Henrique samueloph Approved laney
2016-09-08 2016-09-12 DM Samuel Henrique samueloph Closed
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