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Taowa Munene-Tardif

Account nametaowa
OpenPGP fingerprint8FB9 C5D6 AE7B A82B 7BB1 D887 C51E A700 6E6B DC0D
StatusDebian Contributor on since 2018-07-11

Short Biography

Hello, I'm Taowa. I've been around computers essentially my whole life (I'm quite young) and have been interested in all of the social aspects of free software. I first really started to get involved in Debian thanks to DebConf 17 in Montreal. I work at a non-profit that uses Debian and other free software due to the overlap in ideology, and getting to help with and participate in DC17 was very fun. My contributions to date are mostly related to DebConf, although I've dabbled a bit in translation too.

Personal history

Started Last Target Applicant UID Status AM
2018-07-27 2019-05-05 DD, non-upl. Taowa Munene-Tardif taowa Approved peb
2019-05-06 2019-05-06 DC+account Taowa Munene-Tardif taowa Closed
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