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Short Biography

I've been a Debian user for a while, and always found the fact that it's an entirely community-driven organization fascinating.

While I was doing some work with Docker upstream, I noticed that paultag didn't have the cycles to do all the work necessary to get the initial package rolling, so I offered to help. With some coaching from Paul, I started learning the ins and outs of packaging for Debian and getting src:docker.io building and working. As part of that, there were a number of dependencies we needed as well, and I found that I really enjoyed both the community and the work. I found myself looking for other parts of Debian that I could contribute to, and started having fun in DPMT with the great folks in that team. As I got more involved, Paul was continuously trying to convince me that I should attend DebConf. The stars aligned, and I met some really great people while I was there, got my PGP key signed by a number of them, and got through the process to become a DM with more encouragement from Paul.

In going through this learning process (packaging and then becoming a DM), I had the pleasure of being introduced to documents such as the DFSG, which has changed (for the better) the way I view software freedom.

I love being part of this community, and especially of the ideals it so strongly upholds, and hope to continue being involved for a long time!

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