Thomas Bechtold

Account nametoabctl
OpenPGP fingerprint 1C17 166D C557 8046 6188 8851 42EE 72DA C273 19AD 0 Endorsements
Status Debian Developer, emeritus since 2019-07-29

Short Biography

Working currently for Canonical in the public cloud team. Previously Debian developer, OpenStack developer, GNOME developer, SUSE employee

Personal history

New-style processes
Started Last Target Applicant UID Status AM
2019-07-27 2019-07-29 DD, emeritus Thomas Bechtold toabctl Closed
Old-style processes
Applicant From To Applying for Progress AM Advocate(s)
toabctl July 9, 2013 Dec. 4, 2013 Debian Developer, uploading (done) Completed lfaraone debacle