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This page collects statements of advocacy for Alexandre Mestiashvili <> to become Debian Developer, uploading.

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See here for advocacy tips, and here for some more rationale.

Please be verbose if you can. You may want to write the advocacy in a proper text editor and paste it in the form when you are happy with it.

Note: An email with your advocacy message will be sent to the debian-newmaint public mailing list

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Signed statements

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I hereby support Alexandre Mestiashvili <>'s request
to become Debian Developer, uploading.

He is a long-time contributor to Debian Med, of which I have been a member of
for more than 5 years as well.
In Debian Med, Alexandre has been maintaining tools that are widespread and
important in the bioinformatics community, like, for example, bowtie2, tophat
and cufflinks. I have touched some of his packages while doing regular update
work and I can confirm they always were in a good state. I was also happy to
see Alexandre move beyond the core focus of Debian Med as he has now also
started to care about packages in a broader scope, such as hdparm and various
Python and Perl packages.
Alexandre and I have personally met at the Debian Med sprint in Kiel, Germany
in 2013, and I remember both personal and technical discussions as pleasant.

- From what I can see from his contributions and my personal impression, he can
be trusted to have full, unsupervised, unrestricted upload to the archive right
Signed with key 0EED 77DC 41D7 60FD E440 35FF 5556 A34E 04A3 610B
satta 2017-10-10 [view raw]
Alex has contributed to Debian Med for the past ... six or seven
years it must be already. Amazing. Initially suggested by a common
friend to join, he has always been reliably updating the packages
he maintains and also introduced a couple of new ones that are of
importance for his professional routine. And he has already outgrown
the medical domain for Debian, as I recall sponsoring (always
seemlessly straight forward) non-scientific packages for him as

We have met several times at the Debian Med Sprints. Always very
pleasant and constructive. I am convinced that Alex' DD status will
be beneficial for the well-being of Debian Med (which is getting
so diverse in its workflows that we need many strongholds for various
fields in computational biology) and for Debian at large for Alex
as person and as a technical mind. Please let him in.


Signed with key 84C1 977A 89E7 EFED 3E5C A62E 2FD8 BEDA C020 EED1
moeller 2017-09-29 [view raw]


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