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For on 2018-08-02 :

I support Philippe Thierry <>'s request to become
Debian Developer, uploading.  I have worked with Philippe Thierry on
various packages maintained by the pkg-security team and I really would
like him to be able to introduce and sponsor new packages on his own.

I have personally worked with Philippe Thierry <>
(key FCDDF6D727B44BCD06FF1A32C89D5712DF945F6F) for many months, and I know
Philippe Thierry can be trusted to be a full member of Debian, and have
unsupervised, unrestricted upload rights, right now.

He certainly has the required technical skills and while he might not yet
be aware of all the Debian procedures, he's someone responsible and
reasonable, able to read up the documentation about the things that he
doesn't know yet. He has already shown a long term commitment to Debian
and he has plans to contribute more, possibly by creating a team
oriented towards tools useful in an embedded context. We should encourage
him and grant him the status that lets him bring this to reality.
Signed with key 3E4F B711 7877 F589 DBCF 06D6 E619 045D F2AC 729A
hertzog 2018-08-02 [view raw]


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