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For, at 2019-08-13:
I support Mark Lee Garrett <>'s request to become a Debian Developer, uploading.

I've been working with Lee on ansible since 2016, and in that time, he has gone from assisting me on maintaining it, to maintaining it under close supervision, to maintaining it pretty much independently with only occasional questions.  Ansible is a complex package with many constantly changing parts, and it's to Lee's credit that he has been able to do so with such little attention from me.

I believe that Lee can be trusted to be a full member of Debian with unsupervised, unrestricted upload rights.  In fact, I think it's probably past-due.
Signed with key 43DF 758C 18C7 545A 3E1A 4F0A 8823 7A6A 53AB 1B2E
hlieberman 2019-08-13 [view raw]


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